Let's see if I can post this, in spite of the frustratingly-bad internet connection we seem to suddenly have this week...

I'm going to have to do it. I'm going to have to get me a small, light super-sportscar one of these days. I'm thinking I can use it as a Virgin Earth company car and get a tax write-off? ;-)

First it was the Atom Ariel. And still is. Damn, what a beautiful beast.

This morning Favourite Man tentatively pointed me in the direction of this, the Caterham Superlight R500. Yup, it's low, it's fast, it's light - it's everything a Land Rover isn't. And for a Landy chick that's a serious confession of hidden evil thoughts. Hence Favourite Man's tentativity - he knows I'm gonna want one for Xmas! :-)

I suspect that I have an inner speed demon wanting out. 60km an hour in Olivia is all good and well, and puts a gigantic grin on my face. 80km an hour in the Disco2 is a pretty comfortable ride. But I'm not getting bugs in my teeth, nor my cheeks peeling off in the breeze. I'm used to being the slowest thing on the road (bar the truckload of grapes behind a tractor we have to steer around on the commute). And sedate, slow, enjoying the scenery is a good thing. Really it is.

But I still want something low and fast and mean and light. Something that goes ZOOOM and not just BVROOOOM. Something wildly impractical but way-cool. Something that scares other commuters... :-) Something like this.