Ok, I've done it. A while back I tried Facebook for a few minutes, and then disabled my account. I'm back :-)

In fact, I have been for a week now - and in that time have found old friends, new friends - and some people I'd much rather forget. I've been kissed, bitten and booty-slapped. I've gained a blooming plant, a hatching egg and a puppy named Ty. I've gotten into a pillow fight and Bliksemed someone.

One more thing to keep me busy!

But this I've determined - it's not going to take over my life. I'm not spending my entire day plugged into Facebook.

OK, I did dream that my poor puppy ran out of food and water - much like the electronic pet my son acquired a few years back, and which I ended up getting up to "feed" throughout the night - until I thought "Stuff this, it's a damn battery operated toy! You can jollywell starve" and got a full night's sleep again.

So ja, it's on to Facebook and its own little community of strange things. We'll see how it goes. But I'm still not Twittering! :-)