Ice-Ice baby

Eish - it took all my willpower to get up this morning... If you're reading this from a part of the world where you're snowed in all winter, you're gonna laugh. But I grew up in Zimbabwe where the zinging cicadas and shimmering horizons are the order of the day! (Damn, I could do with a bit of that now)

So when the temp hits around 5C overnight, I'm cold. Too cold. Give me bushveld heat anyday, not this!

This morning, coupled with the dark, was the chill. And I'd much rather have snuggled up with Favourite Man than braved the Deathly Hallows of the downstairs to go bake cheese muffins. But unfortunately common sense sometimes trumps those overwhelming urges to indulge - and up I got.

Olivia hates the cold in the morning. She goes completely petrol-hungry when it comes to warming up, and uses up way more getting to work in the mornings than coming home again. Fortunately it no longer takes half an hour to start her, thanks to Favourite Man helping to sort out a couple of issues I had last year.

Also fortunately, the aircon demon seems to have decided to leave us in peace today. It is comparatively toasty this morning at the office, and my lips haven't turned blue by 9! (Spke to soon, it's just taken a dive)

Nevertheless, it's cold. It's definitely wintery. And I've come to work armed not only with my winter jacket, but a jersey under it too! I have a feeling I'm going to need to go clothes shopping for very warm stuff soon...