How do you deal with feeling like a failure?

Last week a combination of factors (and low blood sugar) had me trawling the depths of feeling like a complete and utter loser - in tears all the way home. From owning an expensive-to-feed Land Rover as car of choice, to messing up the latest meal, to my daily habit of saying completely the wrong thing at least once, to losing out on half my must-do list, to not having a firm enough butt... you name it, I found things I'd failed at that day. And every one I discovered led to another bullet point. I ended up feeling completely and utterly dejected. At least for half an hour.

But here's the thing. When you hit rock-bottom and are all feel-sorry-for-me'd out, you eventually reach a point where you need to choose.

You can choose to give up. Or you can choose to fight.

Well, I choose to fight. Though some days I really get tired of battling against a gale-force headwind... Nevertheless, there's still fire in my belly and I refuse to be knocked down (..."but I get up again"). There are times when you can do nothing else but to shrug off failure as a "whatever", and come out kicking life in the teeth. Giving up is not an option. It NEVER is an option.

So in spite of my occasional tendancy to fail at a good few things on any given day, you won't see me hiding away in a corner somewhere. Instead you'll find me with a steely glint in my eye, jaw jutting out as I beat the latest challenge into submission.

Failure? Not a chance, not on a permanent basis at least - even if I do regularly stuff things up.