Starry Starry Night

If anyone asks me if I got dressed in the dark today, I can in all honesty answer "YES". It's incredible how quickly the seasons have changed. A few weeks ago I'd still be able to see what I was grabbing out the cupboard. This morning I only knew I had the black lace bra/panties because they were darker than the relatively-pale patch that was my hand. At least I hope I do... now that the sun's up I'd better check that I didn't grab someone else's undies by mistake! :-)

Of course the seasonal change also has the sun disappearing around 6pm. It seems so much earlier in the year for this than usual. I used to make supper with the last afternoon sun still hitting the front yard. Now it feels like I'm crafting a midnight snack.

And there's a distinct chill. This weekend was the first "snow warning" on the weather report for mountains north of here. When Favourite Man and I took a stroll just before bedtime, the full moon was up, the sky was clear - and the air icy. No more barefoot wanderings. No more thoughts of skinnydipping. No more blogging nekkid! :-)

But the southeaster has dropped at last. There's still an occasional flashback that has a breeze moaning beneath doors and rattling blinds, but the constant barrage of heat and wind seems to have calmed down. There's mist in the mornings, dew on the windscreen, flat-reflective seascapes instead of whitecaps.

Although much colder than I prefer, it's still lovely to peer out at night and see those brilliant, cold-clear stars. To wake to misted-up windows, all warm and cuddly under duvet. To ponder sleeping in while it rains on weekends, and entertain thoughts of Comfort Food.

We'd better enjoy it before we get sick of it and start longing for summer once more.