What's in the noodles?

Ever really stopped and wondered what's in your 2-minute noodles?

Well I've just been given pause for thought. There's a small piece of red plastic in mine. And the flavouring doesn't taste terribly natural. But they're an easy meal - you nuke them in hot water and you're done.

Still... what's in those noodles? You know that ongoing Chinese-products scare? What if there's something dodgy going on with these cheapest of foods too?

We munch these things without really thinking. What's that green stuff floating around? It's supposed to be parsley - but is it really? Why is there oil on the liquid - and what exactly is it? How did they come up with the flavourings - and were there good practices or bad when it came to making that?

As a Food Technologist we learnt of acceptable "parts per million" for foodstuffs. Parts of insects, that is.... Some foods your ppm is higher than others. But what's in my noodles?

Hmmm... suddenly I don't feel that hungry anymore.