I left work later than usual yesterday, and still had to do a few things on the way home. By the time I reached my last turn before home, traffic had come to a stand-still. There was a huge accident up ahead!

Where the road from my complex joins the main road through to the next settlement, it's become a dangerous corner. Folk speed down that main road, while others are trying to cross over it - and every so often there's a smash. Yesterday's called out 3 ambulances, 4 police cars, a rescue truck, a fire engine with the jaws of life, and the usual complement of tow-trucks to deal with a head-on collision and (I think) 3 car's occupants. This morning all that remains is a few glass shards on the road.

Us humans, enclosed in our speeding hunks of metal, are fragile indeed.

Dominating the news is the xenophobic attacks happening across South Africa. (Champs has a superb post today) The situation in Zimbabwe is increasingly horrific.

We're fragile. Our microns-thick skin can be burst by sharp objects - whether in a car crash or from a chunk of concrete hurled by an angry mob. Our blood pours too easily. We're mere membranes, held together by grace and miracles - too easily broken, burnt, damaged, killed.

As unique as we are - as incredibly beautiful in our many varieties - we're fragile. We have to look out for each other, before we're spilt on unforgiving earth. Whether it's cutting back on our speed and recklessness, or letting go of anger and prejudice.

How to do the latter... I honestly don't know.