Help I've Been Rebranded!

I've been working in this office for just over a year now. Yet I've worked for 3 different companies, all while sitting on the same chair!

It's a matter of mergers and acquisitions, and all sorts of funny big company things that mean our company name has now changed for the third time.

Being in the documentation business, that gives me a whole lot more work. New logos, new colour schemes, new font guidelines, new screenshots... the whole nine yards. When I run out of things to write, there's ALWAYS some rebranding to attack.

We recently acquired our third name. I'm still trying to get the documentation to conform - but happened to glance around behind me and noticed the glass doors have been re-stickered over lunchtime... The outside of the building was done a week or two back, the parking bays just days ago.

Let's hope we can stick with this one for a while now. Please? :-)