If I have bags under my eyes this morning, I'm blaming the weather. There's been a threatening cold front hanging around for days - yesterday it hit. While at work, there were sudden strong winds carrying heavy rain, accompanied by thunder and lightening.

It had calmed a bit by evening - but in the middle of the night the wind came up, and came up with a vengance. The bedroom faces north - and the north wind is the one that brings the storms in, rattling the window frames and conjuring up half-formed dreams of the roof taking flight! Last year a storm opened the heavy gate at the front of the yard and took it right out of its moorings - this year we've secured it properly.

Last night it was very bad. That wind howled and screamed and moved the glass in its frame, making for a restless night. If this were the weekend I'd be diarising an afternoon nap to make up for it.

The previous storm took out a few branches and damaged bits of Cape Town. I think it took everything loose - this one only grabbed leaves that I can see. It rained, it blew, but there's no real damage.

Favourite Man pointed out this morning that it's a month to the winter solstice (down south) - a month before it starts getting lighter in the mornings and heads toward summer!

Unfortunately the winter storms are only just beginning....