Head Up

You know how sometimes you get so busy living you forget to live? Yup, I've been at it again.

The thing is this - all too often it's easy to get caught up in the daily grind. In worrying over mundane matters so much that you forget to enjoy what you have. I've been tied up in making ends meet, in working a million different projects at the same time, in trying to keep track of my household duties, and in a large deadline at work. When I should be enjoying life, my mind's rushed on to the next problem instead.

Yesterday I left for work a little later than usual, i.e. not in the dark. With recent winter rains, there is green grass everywhere and the Cape is looking stunning! I hadn't noticed it before because even on my beautiful daily commute my focus has been on the tar road and the to-do list waiting for me once I reached my destination.

I have an awesome Favourite Man, but we've both been so busy lately - worn out by the end of the day, operating on schedules that see us putting too little time into appreciating what we have. I have a son who is rapidly growing up - and who has seen too little of his mom lately. I've missed out on experiences with him recently, missed out on relaxed fun with both my men. I've been on the edge of biting people's heads off at the smallest thing, with only willpower keeping my mouth shut. All because my head's been down at mud level, pottering through the mundane.

But it hit me this morning that this is not life. Yes, there are things that need doing - there are routines and tasks that need attending too. I simply can't let them take over anymore though. Hell - it's June already, the year's flying by, and one cannot get a single day back to live again. So it's time to make the most of each one I have.

There's a long weekend coming up at the end of this working day. I'm cutting my must-do list down to bare minimum and making sure I put aside time for the things that matter. I don't want to get to the end of it with regrets that I didn't enjoy the ones I love, didn't take those much-needed deep breaths, and didn't inject some beauty, fun or relaxation into the lives of those I live with.

It's really all in the priorities - and mine have just shifted.