I have a LOOOONG to-do list, and it's not stuff like "wash the dishes, clean the floors". It's things I want to do - but which have to sit on the backburner just a little while longer. Life, after all, sometimes takes over - and many of these things are yet beyond my means. Priorities need to be sorted before you can play.

But it doesn't stop me dreaming, plotting and planning.

Travel is on my list. There are people to see, places to experience. I've got friends the world over - I've got my eye on places where I have no friends too. Where everything will be a new experience as a stranger in a strange land. There are places right in my backyard that need investigating. Even simple things like taking a day out to photograph nearby wine estates as the seasons change - those are on my list. Just can't do them yet.

There are things I'd like to buy that are on my list. I need new clothes - as does everyone else in my household. My home needs things - a chair for my desk would be nice - along with two more to replace old ones used by others. My bed is falling apart - still using the one my parents bought in 1984 which is being shored up by planks and luck. I could do with mascara that's less than a year and a half old. I need many many computer bits and pices for a number of machines.

I have things I need to do that require time and/or cash investments - which are in the pending box just for those reasons. Things to investigate, things to test, things to organize. But because hours in day and funds are being prioritized in favour of survival, they need to wait.

There's big things like making/acquiring a backyard shed. A workshop. A place to fiddle with stuff that would otherwise irritate the neighbours. There's small things like a raised veggie garden placed on our bricked-up yard and producing a few fresh goodies.

There's things I want to cook - but which require more expensive or luxury ingredients than I usually throw into my grocery basket, and require more time to craft too. There's art and writing that needs out onto canvass and paper or screen.

Lately it feels like a lot of stuff has ended up on the pending list while I scramble to get through everything else. I've put aside my to-do list in favour of either necessity or the to-do lists of others.

Yesterday I said "heads up" - that I was investing in life and enjoyment and a bit of a break this long weekend. Well I've decided to take one thing off the pending list and do it too. I may not have all the cash or time required for the big stuff, but I'm sarting small.