Hours vs Days

I've been coming up short on the number of useable hours in a day again....

I find myself rushing from one job to the next, trying to keep tabs on too many things at the same time - and making stupid mistakes as a result. While sorting e-waste, I'll come close to throwing a screw in the full coffee mug instead of the jar near it. I usually power through my daily muffin baking on auto, but I've been having to reference a recipe book to make sure I have everything mixed in. Simple tasks like converting an image from one format to another have me stumped for days - and then done in a flash of comprehension within seconds. Worse - I get sidetracked while busy with one thing, my mind already moving on to the next - and end up never quite completing anything to my satisfaction, leaving a trail of nearly-done stuff in my wake and frustration building constantly.

It ebbs and flows, this struggle for time and energy to complete everything on my to-do list. Some days I can bask in enough time to reconnect my body and soul (they're few and far between at the moment). Then there will be weeks of constant slog and rush and effort, where priorities change from rest and self-care to getting everything done in time.

And it's the latter that I'm in at the moment. I'm at the stage where I just need to put one foot in front of another, keep moving forward, and not lose focus. It's not easy to do - but it has to be done.

And thus my blog occasionally falls very silent.