All blocked up

When you've gotta go, you've gotta go... right? But how long can you not go for?

Our offices have been without water both days this week. It's a regular occurance - and before you know it the toilets are all blocked up. The mugs and plates sit unwashed in the dishwasher or merely rinsed in water from the cooler. There are no "meetings of men with mugs" in the kitchen at regular hours of the day.

And why? Well apparently some nearby builders keep drilling through the pipes! The municipality usually comes out and fixes things - but they're getting so peeved that now they send a water truck around now and then and we have to fill up containers.

At the same time the coffee machine's gone for a service, and there's no kettle in sight...

Which I guess is a blessing in disguise. Water in, water out, you know. Although we may all be rickety and wild-eyed with caffiene-withdrawal, dehydrated beyond belief, at least we don't need the loo quite so often! :-)