Knowledge Base

Champs' post this morning has me thinking...

I may be blonde, but I do know a lot of things about a lot of things. Granted, it's mostly random stuff (put a green apple in a newly-opened bag of potatoes to prevent them sprouting), but still - it's knowledge. If I were to write an "everything I know" manual, I'd come up with quite the thick tome!

I may stick to a small book of little things instead... :-) (yes, there's a few plans brewing in book format)

I admit my brain's going a million miles a minute at the moment though. Fueled by an apple and a can of Coke, as well as an interesting to-do list for the day, I'm on a mission, powering through things and letting my imagination run wild.

Some of it is inspired by this, found at Cherryflava. I need to dream up some business cards for a few ventures, and the possiblities really are endless!

Some of it's also fanned along by the sounds of a compressor - someone is doing a bit of physical work (other than typing) in the Cool Room Where Stuff Is nearby. The room that I have to physically force myself to walk past instead of going in to look at goodies and fiddle. And oh, how I love to fiddle with things.

There are days when my imagination stretches its wings and takes off. Unfortunately those also seem to be the days where work load and to-do lists allow absolutely no time to explore the possibilities. Creativity and the mundane clash headlong. By the time I'm done I'm too tired to do the fun stuff...

And those are also the days that blog posts like these end up in drafts for 2 days - only published at last late on a Sunday night.