Chasing Release

Two songs that seem to be bluddy everywhere these days are "Chasing Pavements" (Adele) and "Release Me" (Duffy).

Which, if heard once then left alone, are not too bad in themselves.

But, if played ad nauseum, do get a Bit.Much.

I still haven't figured out what "chasing pavements" means - unless you're a dog who has turned from chasing tyres and now chases pavements instead. Of course, "pavement" in South Africa means something completely different to what it means in the USA - here it's the sidewalk, there it's the road, so I guess that would make the USA version "chasing roads" and the SA one "chasing sidewalks"? Which makes even less sense. Video's interesting enough, still doesn't explain the lyrics.

I heard the rest of Adele's album recently, and although you can't sing along to it, it's not bad listening. Most of the songs are more like stories than "verse, refrain, verse, guitar solo, refrain, fade..". So they do take concentrating if you're to figure them out. She's also got a strange way of singing sometimes - drawing out words and notes in an unconventional manner. "Chasing Pavements" is about the most singable/rememberable of the lot. So it gets stuck in heads easily.

As for Duffy, she just plain irritates me. She sounded unique at first shot - but having heard a couple other tracks there's aspects to her music that grate on the musician in me. And having her Big Track fill every TV spot that needs to make up time before the next programme is giving me mute-button exercise.

Unfortunately I woke up with her song stuck in my head this morning. I've only just managed to replace it with "Chasing Pavements", but I'm on the prowl for something a whole lot better...

Time to trawl the stack of old CDs in my desk drawer, methinks.