Leap of Faith

It's funny how sometimes it's the small things that strike you forcibly, make you stop and think.

Last night Favourite Man and I were discussing this and that, and a simple question "why don't you?" had me going "but, but, but...". When it comes to finding excuses as to why I'm not taking gigantic leaps of faith, I can excuse with the best of them. I'm troubled by a practical bent that says "you can't do that - it would mean disaster!". There's survival stuff like food and shelter that need taking care of first.

And yet...

It's SO tempting to leap - to jump out there and see what happens. Especially when reading things like this (second section on One Month Launch). I know what I can do if I put my mind to it - and have the time available to devote to it. And therein lies the problem - I'm so busy with a table full of pies requiring fingers, that I'm coming up short on everything!

I'm also more than a bit cautious. I know what financial responsibilities I have, and what it takes to fulfill them. I can't leap without knowing I can cover those.

But once I do know - just try hold me back.