Not all conferences are created equal

Take the one I'm at at the moment. Instead of a big, fancy "attract the customers/potential customers", it's an in-house work one, with input from some of the overseas blokes.

It's a Symposium, not a conference - so I guess one shouldn't expect Goodie Bags, hey? ;-)

Nevertheless, it's a learning curve, even if it doesn't come with bells and whistles. I spent 2 hours yesterday writing furiously as inspiration and ideas hit, though I admit they're not all job-related. Let's just say some of the presentations sparked a knock-on of "get this down on paper before your blonde brain loses it"...

By the way - hard seats don't necessarily keep one from having to fight the post-lunch fall-asleep syndrome. Just for the record.

Half way through - let's hope we come out the other end having achieved all this one was set up for.