Pen vs Pixels

My first "real" pen was a lavender Parker roller-ball with black ink. Given to me when I was 15, I still have it - it just needs a refill to get going again. That pen was the first taste of an easy-writing experience. It flowed like a dream, even though the ink sometimes took a while to dry and got smudged.

Those were the days of writing more than typing. It took me a while to learn to type on ancient machines that needed a running attack to move a key (provided your finger didn't get stuck between them). Computers made life easier and my handwriting started to suffer as my typing speed went up.

Nowadays nearly all my writing is done in pixels. I type rapidly - I write slowly. (Photography has gone the same way - pixels instead of paper)

But I'm often torn when it comes to letting words out. I'll outline thoughts briefly on paper - but fleshing them out requires speed, and there are times when the clattering of keyboard keys bother those around me. Writing a book pen on paper? That would be difficult - I'm so used to editing lines on-screen.

There are those who still practice the art of Art. Who have perfected offline imagery, pen-written words and online pixels.

For my part I'm still trying to find a balance between merely two media - pen vs pixels.