Wine Country

A week or so back, Favourite Man and I were given a bottle or two of a local wine as thanks for something we'd done.

Now I'm no expert on matters wine, but over the past few years have started to appreciate the nuances of different varieties. Having grown up with merely grape juices to go on, my taste buds tend toward the "dessert wine" section, the alcohol-light whites, the sweet blush types. Red wine was on my "acquired taste" list - having found not a single one I liked until recently.

But I think I'm getting a "matured palate". It took a bit of doing, but I've started to find reds that aren't half awful. And I may even be persuaded to try dryer varieties of white soon.

It's winter in the Cape. The vineyards are bare of leaves, bedded down and waiting for the first greens of spring. The mountains are either threatening rain or promising snow. But the summer harvest is being reworked into world-class, award-winning wines. The overseas/upcountry visitor season has not yet hit - it's a very good time for us locals to get to know our wineries in peace.

Today I have this urge for a winery-tour. My camera has snapped nothing more interesting than a random sunset out the window lately. There are places I haven't seen, and I have yet to find a favourite-favourite wine (or to discover the elusive 160 varieties of grape juice available in a 100km radius of here). The boys could do with an outing to parts unknown, as could Olivia the Landy.

I think it's time to hit the wine routes and play tourist.