Have a nice day - take 2

I'm trying to have a nice day, really I am. It's just hard to do so in the face of the death of a friend, random other bad news and a couple of sore muscles. Meetings gone awry, plans put aside in favour of what other people want, hope suddenly not quite so hopeful - and I didn't even get my coffee today. Mutter mutter.

I'm sore, I'm angry, I'm sad, I'm tired, I'm worried and I'm worn out. I need a holiday, a change of scene, a path that doesn't end in quicksand, a million bucks (or even just a tenth of that) - so it's hard to have a nice day right now.

Yet I do have to try. I can't preach without practicing and I was sure opinionated enough the other day on this one.

There's a nice Afrikaans word for this kind of day - moedeloos. That's me today. Just plain moedeloos.

But this too will pass. And quickly, we hope.