I've been in firm believer in doors for many years. That you follow the open ones and don't bash your head against the closed ones. That simply doing this - simply walking the clearest way - will get you exactly where you need to be, when you need to be there. It may not be the way you thought you were going, but it's where you're meant to end up. Sometimes you find yourself in passages, not dead-end rooms.

This week has been a prime example. There have been a few very clear route markers - some completely unexpected, others a long time coming - and the way forward is marked out. I can't miss it.

I still don't know what's behind some of the doors that have opened a crack, beckoning me in. For all I know there's a monster in the cupboard or a false floor that will give way. But the thing about these doors is they close once you've gone through them - you have to walk through when they open or you'll miss them forever.

It's a bit like Infinity in Australia. There's amazing stuff along the way - each room is a completely new experience. Some are difficult to navigate, some get you so lost you can't find your way out, and some are downright scary. You can only move forward - each room can only be experienced once before you move on. You'd better enjoy it while you're there! :-)

And that's where I'm at. Following doors again. Watching road-signs loom up out of what once seemed to be an endless treadmill going nowhere. Shutting some doors behind me - always facing forward.

And sometimes those percieved bottomless pits, the ones that kept me hugging the wall, are merely optical illusions.