I'm realizing more and more that stress is going to kill me unless I do something about it - and soon. I never used to get stressed out. I was calm and collected and simply shrugged off issues without letting them penetrate.

But somehow that's changed. This week in particular I've been completely and utterly stressed out - so much so that I can actually feel what it's doing to my body. Between the band of iron around my head, the chest pains, the anger just waiting to bubble out and snap at someone, it's all there.

And it does worry me. I know that if I don't sort it out, something going to break. Me - I'm going to.

But on the other hand stress is pushing me to action. The things that are currently getting to me are also being placed on the "will not tolerate this crap" list, cementing my determination to pursue my goal. They're helping determine my strength and setting my threshold for lying back and accepting things. They're making me stronger as I decide "so far and no further". Which is a good thing in the short term.

Just hope they don't kill me before I get where I want to be.