All Talk

The Car Share South Africa launch has gone pretty well this week! I'll be on SAfm to talk about it on Saturday (we hope - last night's interview didn't happen owing to the regular presenter being off ill). There have been a good few site hits, users joining up, and even some brave souls placing ads :-) The word continues to be spread, and I have every hope that this will soon provide a valuable service in Southern Africa.

In other news... you know how when there's no bread in the house you crave bread? When it's winter you crave sun, and when it's summer you crave snow? How you always crave something more when you can't have it? Well... they're fixing the toilets at work... ;-)

And finally (for now) - being a blonde, it's always good to feel intelligent now and then. I managed to do so once this morning when I educated a fellow kitchen-user on the Proper Storage of Baked Beans. In other words, told him to store the cans upside down. And why? Well you know how the beans always stick to the bottom of the can and the sauce floats up? Well, store them other way round, open them the normal way up, and the sauce will have gone to the bottom, the beans to the top - and voila! they come out the can easily. Nice, hey.

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