Live, on air

If you were awake at 5 am yesterday morning, and if you were listening to SAfm, you might have heard me extolling the merits of Car Share South Africa.. :-) I had a chat at that early hour to Mandla Shongwe, who was up way earlier than me as his show runs 4-6 each morning.

And for my first live-on-air experience it didn't go too badly - or at least I think so. It did, however, take some doing to sound reasonably informed at an hour where I'm usually still slumbering peacefully.

We talked about safety issues (Car Share now offers database storage of details listing who you're travelling with, where and when). We talked about the bigger picture (the taxi industry, fuel costs and environmental footprints). We talked about the social aspects of ride sharing (meeting new people, sharing fines?! or simply being accountable for mutual travel).

Car Share is out there - and being used. I'm chuffed.