One to one

I have another radio interview coming up tomorrow afternoon to chat about Car Share. I would say I'm getting an old hand at this, but it's only the second time I'll have my voice hitting the listening masses, and this time during daylight hours!

When I was younger I was extremely shy. I would blush if you so much as looked at me. Public speaking was a definite NO, and I'd rather skip a class in school than walk in late and have people look at me. (Especially after one incident where I'd been crying my eyes out in the toilets - walked in late... to the wrong class - the class a year behind mine. And was laughed out the room)

Fortunately I've learnt over the years how to stand up and talk to people, I've gained a bit of self-confidence that I may have something worth hearing to say. Blogging has helped that immensely - when I first started I didn't think anything I said was important enough to be read by others. Apparently it was - page views are now in the hundreds of thousands after a few years at it.

Yet there's still a butterfly or two at the thought of being on air. Of being listened to by who knows how many people.

But I've found a way to deal with that. For the last interview I didn't switch on the radio before or after the appointment. It was over the phone, and it was merely a talk with one other person - or so I made myself believe. Conversation one-on-one I can do. Decent phone voice I can also do. Without falling over my words or losing my train of thought very badly.

And tomorrow's appointment will be treated in the same way - a one-on-one conversation between me and the presenter. The fact that a good few thousand people may be eavesdropping won't even blip on the mental radar.

Or so we hope :-)