I'm having a "too many pies, not enough fingers" day...

There's so much I need to get done today, and a good deal of it I simply can't do. Information is not available, location is wrong, communication methods are not up to scratch, too many ears listening in, job needs peace and quiet with a few uninterrupted hours, or I have other worries over-shadowing the must-do's - the reasons are many and varied. But at the same time it's not just what I can't do, it's what I MUST do that's bugging me. Things I'll be moaned at for not accomplishing later, if I don't get them done now.

The trouble with multi-tasking is that there's endless possibility to add in extra jobs. If you're only focused on one thing, no problems. But the minute you have to manage a million and one things and still add in other folk's to-do lists, life gets very interesting. Especially when you're required to give full attention to absolutely everything at the same time and pull it off successfully.

Today I'm feeling very scattered. My head doesn't want to work well - it feels mushy and misty, unable to process anything with clarity. I've been making small mistakes all day, but ones which can potentially cost big. I hate being at this point - I know it will pass eventually.

Meantime perhaps I'd better take some fingers out of pies, lick them off and do one thing that I can do right now, no more and no less. Even if I have to "please explain" later as to what happened to the rest.