Everything for a reason

It's become my motto: Everything happens for a reason.

It's not an excuse to shrug things off - though it does help to deal with situations where you've planned something and end up having to do something completely different, and you don't know why.

It's not a fatalistic attitude either - rather it's doors opening and closing, nudging you gently in the right direction.

It's even a bit of protection in life - if you hadn't dropped your toast on the floor and spent 2 minutes cleaning it up, you would have been in the middle of that big accident happening 2 minutes ahead of you in traffic.

There are times I struggle with my motto, when I simply can't find why things are happening and merely have to trust that it's the path I need to be on right now. When the world seems like it's caving in or you can't seem to get anything right.

But other times it's awesome. That random contact that turns into the love of your life. The by-chance idea that becomes the Next Big Thing. Or simply the opportunity to re-evaluate where you're at, why you're there and where to from here - without preconceptions, without doggedly following a path or beating your head stubbornly on a closed door.

It's actually pretty exciting to eventually discover the Reason behind Everything Happens - to plot your course in retrospect and see that THERE was where you needed to be, right then, or you'd have missed out completely.

I really like my motto. It's friggin' awesome.