Armed and Dangerous

I was up at the crack of dawn today. Hitching a ride in to work was an earlier-than-usual affair, and I ended up at the office well before 7:00. All was still in darkness, but no worries (sun's coming up) - swipe the little electronic thingy and in I go. Setting off the alarm in the process!

Now if there's one thing no-one has told me in the year and a half I've been here, it's what the code is to turn off the alarm. (It's not the only thing I haven't been told, but nevertheless) The alarm beeped and flashed (it's a very polite alarm), then stopped. I made the mistake of attempting to pack my bag etc away - and the motion sensors kicked in, getting the alarm squeaking again. Fortunately my laptop was already open and firing up, so I settled in and sat still until the next person arrived half an hour later, switched on the lights and disarmed the thing.

Shortly thereafter armed response arrived. If I'd been a genuine intruder I'd have been able to carry off half my colleague's computers by now!

I managed to explain that it was just me coming to work, nothing to worry about - and they seemed happy enough (though my name was noted).

I like arriving when the office is empty and quiet - but perhaps next time I'd better have the code handy first.