Lights Out

I knew shortly into my commute there'd be trouble. The traffic report mentioned the usual problems on major roads - and that the traffic lights at my work turn-off were out of order. Been there, done that in the days of regular power failures, and it's not pretty!

Sure enough, 1 km from my destination the traffic was at a stand-still. It took me twice the time the rest of the commute had cost to cover that last small distance! (Remember my post on time vs money? eish..)

But while I was creeping along, I had the chance to look around me at my fellow-commuters. There's the usual complement of workers packed into trucks and bakkies (pick-ups for you foreign folk). There's the school-run moms. There were one or two cars with more than 2 occupants - but most of the cars were driver-only.

Which confirmed my theory that if we carpooled we'd have a whole lot less hassle in the morning traffic! Even if the lights are out there would be that much fewer cars on the road to back things up and slow things down.

Seems I'm not the only one to think so. First thing this morning there's another two ads on Car Share... :-)

And yes, I'm practicing what I preach - my ad is up there too, especially with Olivia the Land Rover off the road indefinitely.