Hackers Wanted

Calling all geeks and soldering-iron-wielding technology hackers!

Right - so I have this large pile of laptop hard drives sitting around looking at me, and I'm thinking I could do things with that in terms of portable storage... but I'm a mini-geek and non-hacker, and I'm running short on how-to's for this one.

Basically, I'd like to stack them all up in an EHD-type tower enclosure (will make one myself if I have to with appropriate brackets and stuff), then hook them up and access them off a USB connection to my computer. I know I'll need a fan in there (got some lying around), and power (off USB? or own power supply?), as well as the appropriate wiring. But as to exactly how to go about this, I'm clueless.

I know some of you out there have a corner of the garage reserved for furtive projects of this variety. I can't for the life of me find info online as to how to put it all together. So here's your chance to come out of the corner and teach me the ropes!

Where do I start? What will I need? How do I construct it so it hums along and doesn't explode?

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