Open Season

Favourite Man has just been ripped off in a big way and is fuming.

You see, Cape Town gets on the Tourist Season boat - and turns it into Open Season, with charges for service fair game as soon as foreign currency starts to show itself.

And with summer coming, that's being reflected all over! Especially in the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, Cape Town city bowl.

Favourite Man found a nice little place a while back where he usually goes to get his hair cut and be pampered with a proper shave. It's the kind of place with old-fashioned leather chairs, straight razors and old-world charm. Or at least it was the first time he dropped by. It also came with a good-looking chick then who did the head-massage-shampoo-type things (added perk). Unfortunately she's moved on.

The last time he was there he paid R120 for a shave and a haircut. Which is within reason, all things taken into account.

Today he was there again. The owner was gone, leaving three rather effeminate men in charge. FAvourite Man settled in for his cut and shave, and when it came time to pay nearly fell out of the building. There are no prices posted, the till isn't working - and they charged him R300. R150 for a shave, R150 for a haircut. Then had the audacity to simper after him as he left "tipping's not optional, you know"...

So that's a dramatic price increase, no record of what was taken off customers, and no boss to complain to. It's either Open Season or those three have their hands in the (non-functional) till.

I'm betting a bit of both.

Nevertheless, it may be time to find an alternative manly pamper palace for cuts and shaves in future.

Unfortunately this reminds us of the wonderful pizza place we found that also suddenly went downhill come Tourist Season...


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