People you may know

As mentioned before, I'm not a huge Facebook user. I check in now and then to feed my pup and see what folk are up to (minimally..), but I don't go whole-hog addictive on it or stalk anyone.

Still, it's been nice to connect with my very first best friend from grade 1, people I knew way-back and colleagues I say more to online than in the flesh! :-) Also interesting to see what my kid's up to.

And then there's the "people you may know" thing. This morning it popped up the name of an ex I never want to see again. It's popped up people I had hoped to forget - and some I had forgotten when I didn't intend to. And as those names appear, so do the memories both good and bad.

I guess it's like going for a hypnosis session. All that stuff you'd buried intentionally or unintentionally comes flooding back and sticks in the front of your brain, leading to knock-on memories of places and people and times gone by. I'm the shy girl, just arrived in South Africa and finding her feet. I'm the outdoors-all-the-time confident kid with a 12-speed bike in Zimbabwe. I'm the new single mom with low self confidence. I'm the high school teen who can only remember one event in Std 9 and has blanked the rest out as a bad memory.

Perhaps that's why I stay away from Facebook so much. I'd rather have the positives of now.

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