This is the first year that I've actually had to submit a tax return to SARS (South African Revenue Service, not the disease - though I'm starting to wonder). I've duly applied for and received a tax number and the pre-printed, pre-populated forms.

Except there's a problem. There are mistakes in two sections.

The accompanying manual says "our electronic systems get all confused if you write outside the boxes or if you cross things out or if you use correcting fluid, so don't". How the heck does one go about correcting info then? No clue online or in the booklet they sent.

I decided it would be best to attempt the e-Filing system online and change it there. Duly registered for that, and get the "we've already sent you forms so don't ask again" message. Great.

So last resort - call centre. Tried the toll-free number, couldn't get through for an hour. Finally reached their "press 1" service, and listened to everything, then made my selection. Got to the right section, keyed in the right number..... BLANK. Then disconnect.

So tried another number listed on the forms. Got through to the same chick's voice asking me to dial this and that - did everything right on my side, keyed in the final number to speak to someone live.... BLANK. Disconnect. Same blerry story.

I'm now duly pissed off. About to throw hands in air. Leave those details as is (though apparently there are "consequences" for providing "false information" - even if it's a typo their end).

I dunno. Should I turn up at their office and strangle someone instead? It's probably going to be a lot more effective.