Technological Marvels

Favourite Man is on a mission. Last night he got a bee in his bonnet - downloaded the lastest Ubuntu and is attempting to install it.

After two apparently failed installation attempts (the poor machine was merely pondering before taking action!) it's up and running.

And 'elo and b'hold - what is the first thing that happens? Ubuntu installs SEVENTY THREE updates.

Eish - this is worse than Windows!


Ubuntu also seems to be a little fussier about hardware than Windows - in its previous life the graphics adapter worked at 1024x768 with 16 million colours (can the human eye even see that many?!) and the sound circuitry on the board produced some irritating noises now and then. Ubuntu doesn't recognize the sound thingy, and won't get the display past 800x600.

Or so says Favourite Man. Me - I think it looks pretty, but it needs a big screen :-)

Oh - perhaps it's because we made the login in the dog's name? The dog can't type too well and doesn't know too much about IT. Yeah, let's blame the dog.