I now have irrefutable proof that clothing shops are being k@k and not catering to "real" women.

I had to go get something at the little mall next to work and decided to pop in to Woolies to see if they had anything affordable that could replace the pants currently only held up by a full bladder on a good day.

To be realistic, I grabbed a couple of jeans - one in the size currently heading south, one in a size down, and one in the smaller size I reckoned I've now become.

Started with the one I hoped I was - no go. Middle one next - again no go. So went up to the largest, which should be the same as the pants I have on (having bought them at Woolies, numbers on label match) - and they are literally 2 sizes too small! Which means that they're either 4 sizes smaller than what I've got on, or I'm not anywhere near any known and standardized size. Surely two Woolies pants in the same size should be THE SAME SIZE?!

Very quickly I've been reminded why I hate shopping for clothes. They're all made for mannequins, skinny board-straight teens and chicks with eating disorders. They're not made for women whose hips flare even slightly, who don't have stick-thin thighs or who don't like their pants half way down toward their crotch.

Woolies used to cater for us non-models. Apparently no more.

And quite frankly I'm not sure anyone does.

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