I realized something late last night. If I'm going to be working with e-waste for a living, I'm going to need to work on my core.

The thing is this. I currently sit in front of a desk all day, using only my typing fingers, eyes and bum muscles. When I strip e-waste it's a case of using arms, hands, back and standing for hours. The front of my torso, my stomach muscles and core - they simply don't get worked at all and it shows. Except for randomly picking up heavy stuff now and then (which will change when I'm at this full-time and having to pick up heavy stuff daily!) they're left idle all day.

Last night I realized that my core was at the... um.. core of a lot of problems I've had for the last few days. Saturday's illness with associated extreme back pain - and then front pain that wouldn't go away. Sunday's ongoing torso tension. Yesterday's constant feeling of tightness and angst and panic. When I lay down to sleep last night and it was still there, I managed to identify exactly what was going on - a couple of sit-ups and crunches and it all started to fade away! Balance semi-restored.

So I guess it's time to haul out the core exercises from the dark recesses of memory, snip off a regular time each day and get to it.

Taking up my daily walk again would probably be a very good idea to get the circulation moving in the legs too....

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