Don't Chew

When you were little, your mother had a couple of rules at the dinner table:

1. Keep your elbows off the table
2. Don't talk with your mouth full
3. Chew your food properly before you swallow it (or you'll choke)

Well they're all still good sense and manners, but there are some foods that simply must not be chewed.

1. Jello. That needs to be slowly sucked into the vacuum of your mouth, through/past your teeth, mulled around the tongue for a bit and then swallowed.
2. Milk. I'd like to see you try though.
3. Lindt dark chocolate.

The latter should NEVER be chewed! Place each expensively divine square on your tongue and let it melt until all that's left is the lingering aftertaste of heaven.

And then swallow.



Just like I'm doing with the few squares of Lindt I've been given moments ago.


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