Finders Keepers

There are two recurring dreams I've had all my life.

The first involves flying. You start out walking, then start running, end up running off the ground, then falling forward and breaststroke-ing through the air. The faster you swim the higher you go. When you're high enough you can drift like you would in a pool on the momentum you've created - but then you drift closer to the ground and have to swim your way up again.

The second involves money. It invariably pops up when I start worrying about finances. I'll be walking along a road toward the setting sun, and when I look backward there are coins glinting all over in the reflected sunlight, I merely have to look down and start picking them up.

Funny thing is, I DO pick up coins a lot. Usually 5c pieces, sometimes 10c (like a few minutes ago in the dairy aisle of Pick 'n Pay) - once recently a R1 coin in a rainy parking lot. I somehow seem to spot coins that other people miss and although they're small-change, they're still money. Lately I've picked up a coin every time I've gone shopping. Although the money dreams are there, the worry over finances loud and clear, I like to think finding random coins is a sign that it will all be OK.

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