Fine Print

I wonder why no company offers a "How to Resign" booklet? It may seem a bit morbid, but it really would help.

For instance, I had to ask a former employee what the procedure was to hand in notice. If it wasn't for his advice I would have done it "illegally", in a manner that would have invalidated resigning.

I've found out by accident that I should fill in a certain form, or do this or that.

And then there's the fine print surprises that it would be nice to know about ahead of time...

Take today for instance. I was slogging away at the last few hours of the day, when I was informed "by the way" that I will NOT be receiving my salary with everyone else tomorrow. Instead I have to wait another 12 days to receive it on the last day of my work. Which is not the kind of surprise you want mere hours before you're expecting a salary to appear in your account, which you've budgeted for receiving, planned around having and already mentally half-spent on the bills awaiting payment.

Suddenly I have to conjure up a considerable amount of cash from thin air to cover the next two week's food, fuel, bills - and Christmas expenses.

Needless to say I'm not a particularly happy camper.

I have an exit interview coming up on my second last day of work. I'm going to be urging the interviewer to up the communication channels when it comes to this whole process and make sure anyone else choosing to leave in the future isn't in for unpleasant surprises.

I just don't hold out much hope of that being heeded though.

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