Get up 'n Go

A few months ago I was running on empty. The warning light had come on but I'd ignored it, simply putting one foot in front of another and wearing myself down beyond what I knew was wise. I was facing impossible battles on every front, and never sure how I'd make it through.

Total turn-around now. I think it's the Supradyn and Hairy Lemon. As well as a healthy dose of enthusiasm for the path ahead. The vitamins have given me the energy and my brain running at a million miles a second has given me the go.

Unfortunately that sees me driving myself once again to the max simply because there's so much I want to do, so much I'm enjoying doing, and so much I have to accomplish. I work hard all day, then dive into more work at home, then end up fiddling with websites and online stuff until all hours. Drop into bed so dead that Favourite Man can't even shake me awake to kiss me goodnight. I even dozed off while attempting to watch a movie last night - three times during three hectic action scenes that normally would have me on the edge of my seat! The strategy has become to simply be on my feet and working and not stop, because if I do I'll fall asleep.

It's cool though to have so much energy and drive and get up 'n go available. It means I'm seeing progress where I've longed to get things done for ages. That I'm able to accomplish little time-consuming tasks now that will save me time and effort later, and to focus on a million things at one time. That I bounce out of bed and attack the day head on, staring down challenges until they buckle.

Talking of which, time to tackle the next one in line.

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