Power to the people

Top Gear had a look this week at the Honda FCX Clarity - and I have to admit I'm really impressed. It looks reasonably good (LOVE the colour! strange shape though), it goes well and it's a green as you can get.

Unfortunately it's only available on a lease programme in Southern California, but I'm sure it will make it to the rest of the world eventually.

What's so great about it? Well first off it's zero-emission. Yup, no emissions whatsoever except water - and we all know water is in short supply on the planet. It runs on Hydrogen, which is freely available. It doesn't have to charge overnight using electricity probably produced from non-green raw materials. Nor does it suddenly run out of power when the batteries die. Talking of which, there are no huge batteries taking up half the car or weighing it down. It's big enough to stick your family in and go places, and quick to fill up at a hydrogen pump.

It's the car of today, built for tomorrow, as James of Top Gear said.

I like.

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