I'm not just a one-dimensional blonde....

Yesterday I'm sitting at my new desk (which is kinda the testing server dump-all area) when I hear commotion behind me. A small network cabinet is being taken apart to stick some rackmount servers and things inside. Removing the sides and extras was the easy part.

The trouble started when it came time to fill it up.

Now Favourite Man knows servers and network cabinets. I've been the manual labour on many an occasion when things need moving or adjusting or replacing in ours. So I know a thing or two about cage nuts! :-) And after watching the poor bloke struggling to figure them out for a few minutes I decided to put him out of his misery and help.

Thus the Tech Writer ended up sticking cage nuts into the appropriate holes, holding servers while they were screwed in, helping grab cables and place cable management strips and generally get the thing installed neatly.

Upon which time they decided it was time to move it - and seeing I was SO helpful with the installation, perhaps I'd like to lend a hand...?

Um.. no. Thanks for asking! :-)

The network cabinet behind me is still a work in progress. The latest attempts include finding a way to mount a mini board that has cables attached to it's ports but no surround - without damaging anything or shorting it out on the cabinet. This could be fun.

From there the entire cabinet and contents moves off-site to a facility near where I live - a call went out this morning for a bakkie (pick-up truck) to help get it there.

And then it will just be me and the other testing servers in this corner, them humming quietly along and me back to being a tech writer.

But hey, I have my uses.

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