Health and Happiness

Now that I'm home-based, I (technically) have more time to cook decent meals for our family (see the bread post further down). Practically it's not always the case - work never really stops, it just pauses to refuel if you remember to...

With this potential time available, I've found myself looking anew at what we need to eat, and noticing whether or not I'm getting enough exercise / water / fresh air / fruit & veg & protein. I have to admit some days are much better than others. Thursday was a SERIOUS fresh air, water and exercise day, spent half-way up the mountain doing work on a Cape Connect high site.

I'm being a little bit more concious about life and it's fuel lately. Yet still not completely there. I know the theory, yet putting into practice is taking some hard work.

Then there's the vegetarian vs carnivore thing. I grew up without meat, Favourite Man grew up with most known forms of animal life on his plate. My son won't touch anything that looks, smells or tastes remotely of beast (though has yet to discover the joys of modified soy in the veg products...!), nor even walk through the meat aisles on a shop run - yet also won't eat a variety of veggies. No-one's keen to change their habits, so mealtimes tend to need careful planning.

I think I've gotten the hang of cooking some of the meaty basics. I can dish up a mean bit of chicken, whether in a cream and mushroom sauce on pasta, or turned to moist perfection in a pan. I even managed to sort a Cornish Hen for Xmas to an acceptable level. I can do mince for spaghetti, fry up a pork sausage or a spiral of boerewors, but am not yet allowed near steak (too expensive to stuff up! :-) ). I can whip up a tuna bake with potatoes and brocolli and cauliflower. I've even made a slow-cooked beef stew by the seat of my pants last winter. Tonight was a veg-rich stir-fry with a touch of chicken thrown in, and it wasn't half bad.

But there is still a ways to go. I'd like to get us eating a whole lot better than we have been in the rush of days flying by, catering for both the veggies and the non-veggies.

So I'm throwing this one out to the public - yup, you guys. Consider it a challenge, a cook-off online, a chance to be your own Jamie or Nigella - your five seconds of fame.

If you had to throw a meal together that was delicious, nutritious, filling and looked awesome, what would you serve? Breakfast, lunch or supper - your choice.

Go on - spill the beans (or meat and potatoes) in the comments. I'll give it a try sometime (if I can find the ingredients) and post the results here.

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