It's been a bit of a day, and quite frankly I'm exhausted.

And sunburnt.

And dirty, dusty, worn out, blinking away the remaining grit in my eyes, and pondering which muscles will be sore in the morning.

I've been up a mountain since an unearthly hour with my Cape Connect team, putting the finishing touches to our high site. It's 35 degrees out there, not a whole lot in the line of cooling breezes, and we were working on a very steep slope.

While all you plebs sat in comfy chairs at airconditioned desks and wished you were outdoors :-)

For once the injury toll is minimal. No alcohol swabs were employed, no plasters stuck on cuts and scratches. It's just sunburn, heatstroke and dehydration in spite of copious amounts of awesome borehole water being drunk through the day.

The two Land Rovers took a bit of a beating though. By the end of the working day they were crying out for a rest. Favourite Man's taken his off to the spa for a thorough washing, as white paintwork tends to show brown powder-dust up quite nicely. Mine limped home and is awaiting a bit of love.

But we're done with a good deal of the fetching and carrying work, the hard physical slog of mixing cement, toting water, transporting sand and stone and metal up an impossible slope with two vehicles and all hands on deck (10 hands, two per worker). Now we wait for things to dry, the top bit goes on and we're all done, ready to blast forth uncapped wireless broadband to everyone in (line of) sight.

Tonight though we get to sit still and apply Fridge to the burnt bits... and count our many blessings that we could spend our Tuesday in such spectacular surroundings.

Yup, just another hard day at the office... :-)

There is one injury to report... Favourite Man burnt his hand badly opening a coolant cap on his truck to top up the water - a very nasty steam burn if ever there was one. He's now all bandaged up wrist to fingertips, and liberally slathered in a burn shield dressing, putting on a brave face. At least there's no blood or bone sticking out anywhere.