Burst Bubbles

This was parked outside our place earlier today:

Yup, that's the back end of a matt black Audi convertible with chrome trim. As Favourit Man put it, "Sex on Wheels". First spotted in Cape Town last week, it's suddenly turned up twice in front of our place visiting one of the neighbours.

I had great fun sitting "watching the sun go down" - with one eye on the reactions of passers-by. Those who walked and gawked, those who drove and rubbernecked.

But one reaction was completely priceless.

I heard it coming. An "I've got balls but not much else" BMW revving as the automatic security gate opened slowly nearby, then the inevitable speedy "look at me" squeal of a takeoff - followed rapidly as he came around the corner by slamming on brakes to ogle the visiting street bling - and then a rather meek pull-away.

Ego deflated. BMW suddenly not so much of a chick-magnet. There's a new kid in town and you just came second.

Love it.

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