Woe is me

Earlier today I was going to blog about how you can never take a sick day when you're self-employed and every cent counts. The way I've felt for the past 2 days would have warrented a few days in bed when I was still pulling in cash monthly regardless. More than a hint of flu and exhaustion, all bundled up in a pretty package that looks better in the dark.

But things have just taken a turn for the worse - much worse. I had a collection run to do this morning and returned home with a loaded trailer of heavy old machines. While helping the kid and the assistant get it up the slight uphill and into the offloading space, something went "pop" in my right calf.

A pop like I've never felt or heard before. I'm no athlete and perhaps this is bread-and-butter stuff for those who are. But for me this is a big one.

I had to get Favourite Man to pull the car in - couldn't move my foot on the pedals. I limped inside on one foot, was half-dragged up the stairs and manipulated by Favourite Man (with added Deep Heat) but still can't walk on that leg.

Here's the problem. I have a long to-do list still waiting. Clients to see, things to do, cash to get in. I cannot afford to sit here crippled and useless. If I don't go out there and work, it's that much money lost.

Trouble is I really can't. Just tried to stand up and failed dismally.

Oh crap.

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