It's a terrible thing, the need to sleep.

Take this evening for example. I've got a HUGE number of goodies I want to accomplish and a mind going a million miles a second. I'm involved in a big project that's taking creative energy and some serious wheedling, and have spent the entire day loading e-waste and driving everywhere from Kuilsriver to Montague Gardens to Woodstock to Fish Hoek. And then more e-waste once back in Somerset West. That would be two trailer-loads and the back of the truck worth, in layman's terms, loaded on, loaded off, then sorted/moved.

This evening I waded through a mound of goods organization, made supper, washed dishes, baked cookies, then finally sat down to my computer.

And found my inbox flooded, things waiting for attention - from admin, to general chat, to notifications, to to-do lists, to projects in progress.

Trouble is I can't go forever. And definitely not on minimal food/water like I've done today. Too busy to eat, forgot to re-hydrate! Eish.

So now I'm sitting here completely exhausted, wondering if I should stock up on Red Bull for the future, while my headspace overheats and my body can't keep up with my thoughts!

I know I won't get through tomorrow's huge tasks (more e-waste, dealing with buyers and sellers, trekking to bank and up mountain...) unless I rest.

Anyone know a cheap clone creator?

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