Win some, lose some

It's been very much an up and down week. I've had successes and failures. Thursday was a day that was one disaster after another. Today was better.

In the past week I've booked and cancelled a ticket to Australia for my son to visit his gramps - long story, with enough kak that it doesn't bear repeating here.

I've found new clients and lost potential clients.

I've had meetings work out beautifully and other meetings fizzle into no-shows, missed-points or lack of progress.

I've worked very hard physically - I've worked very hard mentally. I've got bruises to prove both.

And now it's the end of the week. Looking back, I'm perhaps not as panicked and angsty as I could be. I've purged the bad stuff now and choose to remember the awesome moments.

Like the view from our high site on a perfect day after my weather concerns in the last post:

Like belly-laughs and craziness with my two boys - Favourite Man and the Kid. Or simple quiet and good times all together.

Like driving my Olivia, with her humming along happily, antennas bobbing, the coolest Land Rover on the road.

And hard slog paying off big-time.

And sunsets and sunrises that are awesome.

And so many blessings, things that make me smile, people who love me - and who I love.

In spite of a very crappy time this week, in spite of being hurt by words and actions, in spite of watching one thing fail after another, the jewel-like good simply cancels out the bad.

And tonight I'm calm.

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