Just in case

I've just seen a BBC news item stating that next week's EuroMillions lotto has rolled over from 89 million Pounds to 110 million. Sjoe! That's one situation where gaining pounds is to be desired...!!!

But it's also got me thinking (as one would) - if I were somehow to come into that amount of cash, would I even know what to do with it?

Sure, we can all come up with lists and lists of stuff we'd buy and do and see and experience. But think about it - do you know day-to-day how to be rich?

For my part, I can't imagine it. For my whole working life thus far, every month, every week has been a literal struggle for survival. Yes, there have been times where I have a few extra cents to spare and can treat myself or my family to something out of the ordinary. There have been times when I can go buy something I want instead of merely things I need. But mostly it's a case of every bit that comes in is automatically eaten up. Usually literally - food, fuel, roof over head type stuff.

It's what I'm used to. Tightening the belt to make ends meet, getting creative to bring in just that little bit extra, scrambling to cover expenses or keep things ticking over without it all falling apart. It's what I know - and just how life is.

Quite frankly, I don't know how to be rich.

But don't we all aspire to at least "living comfortably"? Not having to worry day to day about where our next loaf of bread or tank of fuel is coming from? Whether the card will go through at Checkers or throw a "call the supervisor" hissy-fit? Having enough - whatever that is. (Is enough ever really enough, or is it like a vacuum - the more you have the more you need?)

That's why we slog away day after day, buy lotto tickets and dream of millions, all in the hope that one day we'll be rich. And perhaps some of us will get there. I only hope those who do leave a "Dummies Guide to Being Wealthy" for any of us who suddenly find ourselves rolling in banknotes and not sure how to deal with it.