Neighbourhood Watch

Earlier this week one of my neighbours had a visit from these guys - armed with cameras and microphones. I wonder if she's a candidate for "love found"?

Three nights ago a bakkie was stolen from inside our complex - which is inside another complex of complexes behind a security gate. How???

Two nights ago the neighbours abruptly moved out in the middle of the night - this morning a few doors down some are abruptly moving in.

Last night our immediate neighbour's car was attacked with a crowbar for theft purposes - and we didn't hear a thing. It was parked next to Favourite Man's Disco2, and we suspect his driver's door lock was fiddled with too. Both vehicles are right in front of the main entrance gate to our complex - yet no-one saw anything.

Around the corner is a "storage house". The curtains are mere sheets pinned up on the windows, there's no furniture, only a pile of boxes. Asian folk come and go at odd hours - but the house is usually without people.

One of the houses nearby has a "flasher" who enjoys stretching naked in the mornings in front of the window. Another has a suspected drug dealer duo - and across from them a suspected drug taker.

Keep your own watch on my neighbourhood here - be our virtual security system if you want. And if you see anything strange please let us know.

Especially if the big green box across the lawn starts to smoke... Eskom hasn't serviced it for years and if that blows we're in trouble!